Young Adult Male Contemplates Love -- A Summer's Tale

Vampirism as Metaphor -- A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Why Charity Can Be Bad -- The Overnighters

Lying to Make a Martyr -- Fruitvale Station

Beautiful Women Have It Rough

How to Understand Movies (and Avatar Defense)

Sublimation -- Laurence, Anyways

France -- Blue is the Warmest Color

Mountain as Metaphor -- Force Majeure

MLK vs Malcolm X, Slavery, Race -- Selma

Stress and the Unconscious -- The Dark Knight

Moral Relativism and Meditation

Multiple Frames and Coach Paterno -- Nightcrawler, The Hunt, Happy Valley

Wes Anderson and Too Much of a Good Thing

Tree of Life, Blue Valentine, and The Place Beyond the Pines

Referential Mania -- The Place Beyond the Pines

Female Empowerment -- Death Proof

English Majoring

Christopher Nolan is Overrated and Work/Life Balance -- The Prestige

The Split Psyche Post WW2 -- The Master

A Reversion to Introversion

Love Difficulties Scale like Video Games

Political Matters are not Simple

Her is Overrated

Wolf of Wall Street vs Lone Survivor

Jurassic World was Terrible; Metaphor in Shawshank Redemption

Freud, Naivete, and AI -- Ex Machina

 My Friend Died; Impressionism -- Upstream Color

Meaning in Tree of Life

Roger Ebert is overrated

Sword as Metaphor -- Kill Bill

"The Bar's in the Globe" Microcosm; Landa's Evil; Propaganda -- Inglourious Basterds

America's Shift from Industry to Entertainment -- Rushmore

Unconscious Barriers -- Black Swan

Oscars are Stupid -- Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years a Slave

My Favorite Coppola Film -- Somewhere

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