6.6: Mad Men S1:E4 The Meaning of Red and Blonde Hair

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“I thought your cousin Wendy was a redhead,” -the client, episode 4.

To the dismay of the client, this cousin -- a prostitute -- is blonde. Regardless, he quickly succumbs to her charm, and proceeds to treat this blonde haired girl like a child. The prostitute, who admits to taking acting classes, is no doubt using what she’s learned. Her childish nature is a facade that she uses to make money, to get ahead, for progress. She is pretending to be young while inside is experienced enough to know the ways of the world and men. The dual-haired nature of this prostitute illuminates qualities of red-haired Helen Bishop and blonde-haired Betty Draper.

Whereas the prostitute is in-between, Helen and Betty lean strongly to opposing sides. Helen is the older and more experienced. She is divorced, wide-eyed to the childish nature of most housewives and the preying nature of married men. She is politically active and works, whereas Betty does not have a political opinion until years later and mostly just stays home. Betty meshes best with a child psychiatrist, and can only truly open up with seven year old Glen. She is a genuine version of the prostitute’s blonde facade, whereas Helen is the prostitute’s internal, aware of the world, red.

P.S. Joan is the inverse of the prostitute, but we'll talk about her later.

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